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News > Update on Hall’s Island and other R1 legislation

The Hall’s Island bills (S.F. 1261 – Dziedzic/H.F. 1474 – Loeffler) didn’t get a hearing in the Minnesota Legislature by the March 14 deadline (see this post).

But Sen. Dziedzic and Rep. Loeffler introduced legislation this week that amends a 2010 Legacy appropriations bill to allow the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board to re-create historic Mississippi River island. (S.F. 1476 – Dziedzic/ H.F. 1627 – Loeffler)

Also moving forward during this session is legislation requesting funding for the 26th Avenue North Greening (H.F. 696- Mullery) and Water Works Site Design, Planning and Ruins Stabilization. (H.F. 1658 – Dehn/S.F. 1507 – Champion) Rep. Dehn and Sen. Champion introduced the bill in both bodies this week.


Featured image courtesy MN Senate Media Services

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