The RiverFirst Initiative is an interagency partnership of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, City of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Parks Foundation – together with community and agency participants and the public – to realize the RiverFirst Vision and support the implementation of RiverFirst Projects.


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  1. Realize the seven R1 Priority Projects by 2016.
  2. Successfully lay the foundation for R1 Visionary Projects.
  3. Ensure interagency coordination.



  • Maintains momentum and enthusiasm generated by Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition and Minneapolis Riverfront Development Initiative.
  • Shares resources – expertise, community engagement, external communications – across agencies.
  • Upholds a comprehensive, integrated approach to city building (see below), with multifunctional parks and public space at the forefront.
  • Increases likelihood of success through interagency coordination.
  • Unites disparate elements over time.



RiverFirst Initiative uses a comprehensive, integrated approach to city building, including six simultaneous functions:

  • Organizational Development. Ongoing process of creating/re-creating an effective management structure to achieve the RiverFirst Vision.
  • Resource Identification and Acquisition. Process through which the RiverFirst funding strategy will be defined and carried through.
  • Leadership Cultivation. Ongoing, evolving process through which leadership constituencies are cultivated and leveraged.
  • Integration. Ongoing process through which RiverFirst Initiative coordinates efforts with additional partners and participants.
  • Projects. Planning, design and construction of RiverFirst Projects.
  • Stakeholder Relations. Strategic communications across all channels with and among all stakeholders.