What is RiverFirst

RiverFirst is a dynamic, three-part strategy for creating new parks along the Upper Riverfront:


RiverFirst Vision
The overarching vision, guiding principles and implementation framework.


RiverFirst Initiative
An inter-agency effort to realize the RiverFirst Vision through collaboration among three managing partners with multiple public, private and community participants.


RiverFirst Projects
The parks-based and related development projects identified in the RiverFirst Vision for short- or long-term implementation, as well as concurrent or future projects that meet the design criteria outlined in the Vision.


Quick Facts

  • 5.5 miles of the upper Mississippi River.
  • 11 miles of “America’s fourth coast,” plus adjoining neighborhoods.
  • 8 interconnected riverfront parks-based projects, which will connect with
    6 regional or national parks, trails or byways.
  • 5 years to priority project completion (projected), 2012-2016.